Clearing your Record

An Expungement is a way to clear your criminal record. There are certain crimes that can be taken off of your record if you file the appropriate paperwork and get the appropriate authorizations. The Ross and Enderlin law firm will take care of all the necessary paperwork if they take your case to make sure you get your record clean.

Because of the new expungement law enacted in 2009, this law firm has enacted the following procedures in regards to expungement questions. We will attempt to answer most general questions if it can be done in one email, however, it is necessary to review the client’s rap sheet to give any advice about the possibility of expungement. Often times people do not understand or do not remember exactly what they were charged with, and it is this firm’s policy to review the rap sheet before giving specific advice. We will review the rap sheet for $125 ($25 of which goes to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division). If we take your case the minimum charge for our fee is an additional $425 plus any court or law enforcement costs.

Even some General Sessions charges can be expunged today because of a new change in the law. If you were sentenced to a youthful offender sentence, or even if you were eligible for a youthful offender sentence, it is possible you could have your record clear. Email us today and we will help you with the expungement process.

A criminal conviction has serious consequences and it is to your advantage to do everything possible to have a clean record. Derek Enderlin and Susannah Ross are familiar with expungements and they can advise you on the best possible way to clean your record if it is at all possible. Call them today for experienced advice and representation. Don't let you or your family suffer because of your rap sheet.