DUI or what is called DWI in other states is a serious matter and a DUI conviction can cause you severe repercussions in your life. Before you plead guilty or pay a fine for DUI, you need to contact a lawyer to consider all the legal ramifications. It is very possible the lawyer will recommend you proceed to trial before you plead guilty. If you pay a fine or plead guilty you may face increases to your insurance rates, driver's license suspensions, and a host of potential future problems. You should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your legal rights. Call Ross and Enderlin today for experienced advice.

Both Derek and Susannah have defended numerous DUIs and felony DUIs. Derek prosecuted DUIs in Oconee County for two years and he has had numerous DUI trials. He has represented people charged with Felony DUI causing death and Felony DUI causing serious injury. It is very important that you hire someone who is will work hard on your case to make sure your procedural rights were protected. Often times officers will give Field Sobriety Tests that are not approved by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Academy. They will often times mess up the tests.

All too often officers will also not administer the breath test appropriately, or will not advise you of your rights in the way proscribed by law. It is imperative that you hire an attorney as soon as possible so that you protect your license because there are quite often time limits on getting certain hearings. We will be happy to discuss your arrest on the phone for a free initial consultation. Call or email the Ross and Enderlin firm today.